The Fugue System

What is the Fugue System?

The fugue system is a minimalist role-playing system. A set of core rules to use in creating and developing your own adventures, campaigns, and worlds. The system is not genre centric; instead, use it with any genre, sub-genre or genre bending idea you have!

Cost: Pay what you want!

  • What does Minimalist role-playing really mean?

    • The core concept: minimalism is a style that uses pared-down design elements. It is with this core value that we, reduced role-playing to its most necessary elements.

  • Attributes

    • distilled down to only three, Body, Mind and Soul.

  • What is the Archetype?

    • The Archetype is a skill that is a catch all, it is like a cliché. A character can try any action that the archetype could. Archetypes like Warrior, hunter, Wizard, Detective, ballet dancer, sniper, or anything else imaginable!

  • The Core Mechanic

    • All actions including combat use these mechanics; 2D6 +modifiers v target number or another’s 2D6 roll +modifiers.