The Fugue System!

What is the Fugue System?

The fugue system is a minimalist role-playing system. A set of core rules to use in creating and developing your own adventures, campaigns and worlds. The system is not genre centric; instead, use it with any genre, sub-genre or genre bending idea you have!

What does Minimalist role-playing really mean?

The core concept; minimalism is a style that uses pared-down design elements. It is with this core value that we, reduced role-playing to its most necessary elements;

distilled down to only three, Body, Mind and Soul and we have the core of most games, Skills.

What is the Archetype?
The Archetype is a skill that is used like a catch all, a cliché.  A character is able to try any action that the archetype could. Archetypes like Warrior, hunter, Wizard, Detective, ballerina, sniper or anything else imaginable!

The Core Mechanic
All actions including combat use these mechanics; 2D6 +modifiers v target number or another’s 2D6 roll +modifiers.

What is the differences between Fugue V1 and V2?
> Cliché is now Archetype.|
> Simpler attribute uses.
> Waterfall relation between attribute, archetype, and skills.
> Sub-Skills are now specializations and easily meld into the waterfall relation.
> Smaller fugue ladder, easier to remember and use.
> Added Fugue Key for describing and creating Fugue NPCs, locations, Items, etc…
> New Example Character, NPC, Location, Spell, Item and Super Power.
Fugue system -

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