The Fugue System

The Fugue System is easy to learn, simple and immersive story based role-playing game, including a fast in-depth character creation system.
It also includes a sleek fast-paced combat system!

All actions including combat center around the core rule;
2D6 vs target number, or attackers 2D6 vs defenders 2D6!

Character creation, centers around the powerful ‘Archetype’ trait making characters unique and allowing for any type of imaginable characters to come to life in the story. A character is able to try any action that the archetype could. Archetypes like Warrior, hunter, Wizard, Detective, ballerina, sniper or anything else imaginable!

Another seamless part of the system is the ‘Fugue Key’ a schematic for enhancing the imagination of your players through colorful descriptions. The Fugue Key is used to create and describe Spells, NPCs, Locations, and more… easily and quickly!

All of the above melds into a fantastic open-ended unique and bold story based rule set…
The Fugue System.

What is different from the Classic Fugue system.

  • Cliche is now Archetype.
  • Simpler attribute uses.
  • Waterfall relation between attribute, archetype, and skills.
  • Sub-Skills are now specializations and easily meld into the waterfall relation.
  • Smaller fugue ladder, easier to remember and use.
  • Added Fugue Key for describing and creating Fugue NPCs, locations, Items, etc..
  • New Example Character, NPC, Location, Spell, Item and Super Power.
  • Removed magic for later release in ‘Mini-Fugue: Fantasy’. (Fugue System expansion)

When you buy the Fugue system, you will get the following, online and for download!

  • The Core rule-book (Including Fugue Magic!)
  • Character sheet
  • Easy on the Printer TEXT based Character sheet
  • The condensed Core rule-book in 4 pages!

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