Alternates to Target Numbers

When playing Stargazing I want my children to learn something while they play. To that end I came up with another approach.  Instead of target numbers and dice rolls, maybe Flashcards!

If your player wants to do something then determine the level of difficulty based on 3 levels, easy, difficult, and hard. The levels correspond to flash cards that are, easy – 1 grade below player, difficult – players grade level, and hard – 1 grade above their level.  Randomly draw a card, and ask them to solve it.
If they get it wrong, allow them to try again as many times as they have +’s from the associated attribute!

Player: I will solve the puzzle!
Storyteller: the puzzle is difficult!
ST: draws a card and presents it.

The card is “3X2”

Player: hmm… 5?
ST: no, that is not correct, but you have a +2 in mind, so you can try again!
Player: great! is it… 6?
ST: that is correct! you solve the puzzle!

If they use up all of their tries, then have them use a candy for another try!

Here is a site that will allow you to make your own flash cards! – Flashcard maker