Adventure: Web of apples

A Stargazing adventure for 1 – 4 players. Perfect for a quick adventure on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

The adventure begins in the small hamlet of Adventurville. In Adventureville, there is a cork board in the center of town that lists all the adventures that are available to accomplish. Today there is only one listed on the board, the Web of apples.

Farmer Taggert needs a group of adventurers to go into the back of his orchard and exterminate a smaller Giant spider. The Spider has lived there for the winter and now that summer is coming, farmer Taggert needs the trees back.

Giant Spider

Body +1
Mind +0

Health: 4
Description: The giant brown spider is looking after her egg sack. She decided to live in the orchard for the protection, and the fact that a large amount of food, in the form of rats, come through often.

The adventure;

The Apple thieves

  1. 3 goblins are routing through the orchard for anything edible, and are also stealing some of the smaller trees.
    1. The players can talk to the goblins and persuade them to leave the orchard.
    2. The players may wish to trick the goblins into encountering the spider.
    3. The players could attack the goblins.

The Goblins: Body+1, Mind+1, Health: 6, Description: Hungry, dirty and disheveled, the goblin appears to be doing anything it can to survive. A couple of barely sprouting apple trees protrude from his old ripped backpack.


  1. Health: 6 (carrying shovel and 1 tree)
  2. Health: 5 (carrying 2 trees)
  3. Health: 6 (carrying 1 tree) also; A Ring of Animal talk, allowing the goblin to talk to animals.

The Giant Spider

If the players try to communicate with the spider, or have the Ring of animal talk, they will learn that the spider is willing to work out a deal. She will not attack anyone but rats, and will not harm the trees, if she is allowed to stat and raise her young.