3-line character sheet


Character sheets can be anything from the most elaborate looking design of art, or as minimal as a few lines of text. The Fugue simple sheet is actually just that, a few lines of text.

Breaking down a character into its main playable parts, we then take these and form the main sentence. Another sentence for archetype and one for skills. When adding skills there is no need to list a +1 next to each, only list the modifier for skills that are higher or lower.

This system allows for a 3-line character sheet.

Name, Age, HT (Height), WT (weight), B, M, S, H, MH
ARC (Archetype)


Rex Hardgrave, AGE.22 HT.6’2 WT.165lb, B+2, M+0, S+1, H10/MH8
Arc: Preacher, retired army Sniper, Jujitsu master
Skills: Fishing, hunting, psychology, writing, survivalist+2

Description, background, etc… Write them on the back of the sheet, or below it, or on another piece of paper/index card. They are important pieces of the character, but not vital to play.